Hello there,
I'm a paper engineer/pop-up creator, designing pop-ups and packaging for different clients both in Europe and US for over 30 years. I'm always available for conceptualization, design and production* of any kind of interactive paper dimensionals, whether it would be a simple greeting card, unique packaging, complex architectural model with electronic components or a pop-up book. Please feel free contacting me at mikosone@gmail.com to discuss your next project, and you'll be surprised by the diversity of dimensional solutions I can offer.
Dear visitors, as you're all well aware, the world has become a very messy place, with intellectual property protection issue being as a top priority. Recently I noticed some of my designs being used on some spam sites without my permission. Given that, on this introductory site, I'm showing just a small fraction of my older designs, most of them very basic. If you are interested to see more, please contact me via email above.
Thank you!
Now located in Paris, France.
*I design and produce dimensional objects at two European facilities for a competitive prices with the highest hand assembly quality possible.